Welcome to the Discovery Center at St. Paul's Lower School
[ "What is PBL-STEAM?" ]

Hello, students! Welcome to St. Paul’s School’s Discovery Center. Wuff! My name is Max, Mr. May’s yellow lab, and I am the official mascot for the Center. Ruff! Ruff! Mr. May has asked me to share with you a little about what goes on in the Center, so here goes: You will learn new and exciting things in a really cool way called Problem Based Learning. Or P B L! What is it? Glad you asked! Wuff! Let me see if I can make it easy. You know. In "kid lingo". It’s about solving problems that are important to you. Real-life stuff. And that's awesome. Through P B L, you will also become a "S-T-E-A-M Inventor". By applying what you learn in SCIENCE and MATH and the ARTS, and by using TECHNOLOGY, you will ENGINEER incredible projects! Then you will share your work with local and global communities, learning to express yourselves effectively. P B L is F U N! So go for it! Good-day, mates!

[ "What is the Engineering Design Process (EDP)?" ]

Engineering Design Process - 2nd Grade.PNG

"Where Do I Sit?" Team Collaboraton Warm-Up Activity[ "You: Driving Your 'Learning Mobile' ... Mr. May: 'Backseat Driver'?" ] Where Do I Sit - Activity 1 Posted.JPGWhere Do I Sit - Activity 2 Posted.JPGWhere Do I Sit - Activity 3 Posted.JPG Where Do I Sit - Activity 4 Posted.JPG Where Do I Sit - Activity 5 Posted.JPG
photo16.JPGphoto17.JPG photo.JPG

"I've Got Your Back!" Team Collaboraton Warm-Up Activity
[ "You: How Do You? Me: Three Before Me" ]

I Got Your Back Activity Cards 2016-2017 1- Posted.PNG

I Got Your Back Activity Cards 2016-2017 2- Posted.PNG

I Got Your Back Activity Cards 2016-2017 3- Posted.PNG

I Got Your Back Activity Cards 2016-2017 4 -Posted.PNG
photo10.JPG photo9.JPG photo8.JPG

Lego – Team-"Building" Activity
[ "Collaboration: How Does It Look & Sound & Feel?" ]
Lego Team Building Ativity - Posted.PNG

Cooperating - Sounds, Feel, Looks.PNG
IMG_9027.JPG IMG_9009.JPG

photo3.JPGphoto7.JPGphoto6.JPGphoto12.JPGphoto2.JPG photo5.JPG

"Engineering in All Shapes and Sizes" Activity
[ "Which One Are We Today?" ]
Global Collaboration Day - Photo.PNG
Global Collaboration Day Cover - Posted.PNG

Solving Real Challenges with Engineering Solving Real Problems Photo.PNG Aerospace Engineers.PNG
teachers guide.PNG
Capture.PNGScavenger Hunt Directions Posted.PNG

SavengerHuntWrkshts1Posted.PNG SavengerHuntWrkshts2Posted.PNG


Card Game: Solving Real Life Challenges with Engineering

IMG_3161.JPG IMG_3140.JPG IMG_3141.JPG IMG_3139.JPG IMG_3136.JPG IMG_3162.JPG IMG_3166.JPG IMG_3171.JPG IMG_3222.JPG

The winning team for the Global Collaboration Day Scavenger Hunt is … KRAY 3Ba!
Congratulations, 'L', 'T', 'S', and 'C'!
Wonderful Team Work!



Competition Results Posted.PNG

IMG_3454.JPG IMG_3453.JPG

Progress Reports: Communicating Our Collaboration Effort
[ "How Well Did I Do? ... Well Done! ... Needs Improvement!" ]

Cooperation Rubric.PNG
Teamwork-Student Self Assessment.PNG

Third Grade Teamwork Rubric.PNG

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